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I like to garden and wow people with my artistic interpretations of how flowers should be arranged. I also write for Ehow and Garden Guides. I can be contacted at annlees@gmail.com.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15 Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

This is from my mother, Melody

"Since I don't have a blog of my own, I asked my daughter, who is a photographer, to post these for me on her blog. This is just a few of the flowers that are blooming now in my North Florida, Zone 8, garden. Other flowers that are blooming are several types of salvias, Shasta daisies, verbascum, gaura, oakleaf hydrangeas. The regular hydrangeas and gardenias are just starting, and the roses (about 25 of them) are still going strong.

To see more great flower pictures from my gardens and other peoples gardens, visit her flickr page.

Thanks, Carol, for allowing me to join in the fun:) "

As always, please visit the May Dreams site to view other gardener's photographs and comment on thier luck with flowers.

For other photos that are for sale, please visit my my ebay shop. Please remember that any photo that you see on my flickr page can be purchased as well. Simply email me (mapetty@gmail.com) and I will get with you on the size and which photograph you would like.

For those of you in the North Florida and South Georgia area who would like photographs of your own garden, flowers, or family, I do natural light, on location shooting for a small fee. If interested, again, please email me and we can work out the details.


  1. Beautiful Blooms! The clematis is a wonderful blue....gail

  2. Beautiful blooms, and great photos! Melody, you should start a garden blog!

    Marsanne, thanks for sharing your blog with your mom and her beautiful blooms!