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I enjoy writing, reading, photography, history, investigating old structures and trying not to get arrested by entering said structures. I write for Skirt and for Ehow. I can be contacted at mapetty@gmail.com.

Melody Lee
I like to garden and wow people with my artistic interpretations of how flowers should be arranged. I also write for Ehow and Garden Guides. I can be contacted at annlees@gmail.com.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Letter to my Future Self

An exercise in life coaching: write a letter to yourself in which your dreams have been fulfilled at some point in the future.


It was often hard getting started in the beginning. Struture to a day is most likely required even if one doesn't particularly want it. Sleeping days away at a time without a single word from the pen can't exactly accelerate your career. But you overcame that, eventually.

A schedule - the very thing you despised, became a godsend to your work. Write for a while in the morning, research on location or online, pick the kids up from school, and then go home to work some more while they do homework. Oh, you didn't realize? You don't work at the courthouse any longer - you survive strictly on writing and photography.

Of course you worry - there are up times and bad times. But every single rejection can never dim the excitement of receiving the acceptance. Just remember that.

You house has been redone to suit you - wood floors throughout and cabinets and a proper office, filled with bookcases. No more dining table or kitchen bar for you!

Congrats, my girl. You made it!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Of course this is the time of year that everyone makes resolutions that they swear they will follow throughout the year. Some of them will succeed, and some will fail. Hopefully, I will succeed in my goals for the year.

1. Send submissions to at least two contests per week or send out two queries per week.

2. Research houses for Turn of the Century: Homes of Jasper, Florida.

3. Work on getting 208 First Street listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

4. Work on getting the Woman's Club listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

5. Write at least one short story every two weeks.


I intend to use this site to promote my work in various areas - writing, history, photography and my explorations of places that I haven't been. I hope to show the most excellent work that I have completed.

I invite you to visit my website devoted to Hamilton County, Florida history: http://www.hamiltoncountyhistory.org/.

I also invite you to view my flickr photo page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/littlethingscreatecharacter/.

I look forward to your comments on my work and hope to hear from everyone soon.