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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Breakfast at Tiffany's Fashion Show Pictures

Well, I have completely missed my goal of having the pictures posted by Friday. My husband came into town for the weekend and I ended up spending more time with him than editing photos!

I have decided that I am going to go ahead and post the pictures that I have completed, and I will be adding more within the coming days, so please continue to check back if you do not see yours. Clicking on the link below will take you to the pictures. If you wish to order any, please make note of the image number, as that is unique to each picture.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Fashion Show

Prices are as follows, should you choose to puchase any prints.
4x6 = $6.00
5x7 = $12.00
8x10 = $22.00
11x17 = $32.00

These prices do not include a mat or frame. If you wish to purchase either of those, I can help you with that also.

Plus, please remember that I am available to do on location shoots for you and your family in places that have meaning for you. I am generally available on the weekends and evenings, but I can make arrangements for shoots during the week as well.

I hope you enjoy viewing the photographs and I look forward to hearing from each of you soon.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jack Magazine

Several months ago, I submitted a piece to Jack Magazine, an online magazine published twice a year. The piece was about a trip that my children and I took to the Okefenokee Swamp, near Fargo, Georgia. We had a great time and I took some amazing photographs.

It is my pleasure to let my readers know that the piece has been published with some of my photographs in the current issue of Jack Magazine, and can be found here: Seeing the Swamp.

Just a brief note: If you wish to purchase one of the photos, please contact me and we can make arrangements. All of the photographs that I take are available for puchase.

I hope you enjoy the article!

Breakfast at Tiffany's Fashion Show

Just a note to let everyone know that I am still processing the photos that I took on Saturday. I think there was a great turnout, and I got many fantastic photographs of the models and the guests.

My goal is to have the photos completed by Friday afternoon, and I will then post a link here where they can be purchased.

I hope everyone had fun, and that the Partnership for Health met thier fundraising goal.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Forgotten Bookmarks - Footprints

I have been keeping an eye on the Forgotten Bookmarks site for a while, since it was recommended to me on twitter. This entry, called Footprints is particularly touching. A picture of a baby and his footprints, with this text (quoted from original site)

"Certificate from Chenango Memorial Hospital with photo and baby footprints.

This is to certify that
David Leslie Grant
has been elected to membership in the
Babies' Alumni of Chenango Memorial Hospital
in recognition of generosity and good will to others

Date June 23 1949 ____ A.S. Wilson, Chairman

Found in "Sewing for the Home" by Mary Brooks Picken, published by Harper & Bros., 1946."

The editor of the site has begun making efforts to find the owner of this card. Hopefully with it being posted in more than one place, the owner will stumble across it. If you have any information about the owner of this card, or possibly a relative, please contact the editor of Forgotten Bookmarks, via the comments section on Footprints. I am sure that the owner would appreciate being reunited with a treasure such as this.

Garden Rant Short Fiction Contest

My mom and I both entered this contest, hosted by Garden Rant. The rules stated that one simply had to write a 99 word or less short story and post it to the comments of the blog posting. We each had a couple and entered them, hoping for the books about roses, but to no avail. The winners of the contest can be found here.

Since neither of us won the contest, I will post our entries here for everyone to read. They kind of get lost in the large number of comments on the contest blog - not to mention the comments about the stories that were submitted.

The Recipe (my own entry, found on page three of the comments)
With excitement he viewed the recipe that called for Rose Sugar and Rose Petals - it would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. He shook his rose petal sugar jar every other day and dried rose petals. On Valentine’s Day, he cooked all day, preparing a lovely feast for his beautiful wife. A rack of fresh lamb with rose syrup, salad garnished with sugared rose petals, and his “piece de resistance” – the rose tart, made with rose sugar and dried, chopped rose petals. It’s too bad he didn’t know the florist treated the roses with chemicals to guarantee blemish-free flowers.

Obsession (my own entry, found on page three of the comments)
The obsession was two fold. The mother gardened, constantly tended a dazzling bed of roses. They flourished and bloomed. The daughter stood there for hours; a rare bird, they called her. She would study the roses, each bloom frozen in growth and time, held captive by a Canon 75-300mm. Petals were caught just so, dewdrops were examined, buds were investigated and watched by both of them. Obsession or not, people wondered at their talent, for the mother won coveted awards for her roses, while the daughter won prestigious awards for her portrayal of her mother’s pride and joy.

Confusion (my own entry, found on page three of the comments)
Her garden was the pettiest around. What was her secret – how did she grow such lush roses? She had lost three husbands and two stepchildren – you’d think she couldn’t dwell on roses with so much death in her life.

Dang!!! I really like where this is going. Five dead people under a gorgeous bed of roses. See, that’s the problem with seeing other people’s entries in a contest you plan to participate in. They addle your brain and you can’t remember if the idea was yours or someone else’s. Unfortunately, dead bodies beneath roses belonged to someone else.

The Dog (my mom's entry, found on page three of the comments)
Thank goodness for the dog – she should have gotten one a long time ago. The neighbors used to think she was strange – wandering around the rose garden at all hours of the day – and even night – muttering to herself: need to move this, that needs trimming, ought to get more of those. But now she had a dog – now she wasn’t crazy – she was a pet owner. The neighbors didn’t realize that while she “walked the dog” and “talked to the dog” she was really saying: need to fertilize, there’s a patch of aphids, time to weed.

Halloween (my mom's entry, found on page three of the comments)
She doesn’t “do” Halloween but the grandkids want her to decorate. Won’t scarecrows and pumpkins work? No, the boys insist there must be witches and ghosts and bats. “I’ll think about it,” she promises. The next day she waits in anticipation for them to get home from school. She has decorated the porch for Halloween – pots of Ghost Fern and ‘Goblin’ Gaillardia set next to a Witch Hazel bush. Other pots hold Devil’s Backbone, Skullcap and Deadnettle. A Devil’s Trumpet and a Voodoo Lily tower over the other plants. And the final touch – a completely black kitten named Midnight.

Checking the Mail (my mom's entry, found on page three of the comments)
“I’m going to check the mail,” I told my husband. I started towards the mailbox. The roses needed pruning; I got the pruners and trimmed them. As I took the pruners back, I spotted weeds in the perennials; I stopped to pull them. After I put up the pruners, I saw some annuals I needed to pot. I found some planters and took them to the patio. The furniture was dirty; I got a rag and cleaned it. All that work made me thirsty; I went in the house for a drink. “Where’s the mail,” my husband asked.

And that's it. You would think out of six entries, we would have managed to win something, but it just wasn't meant to be. Maybe next time. :)

Recent Photography Contests

I've entered several photography contests recently and have gotten the results back for one of them. Over at Go Snap, the competition for February was for candid moments. I entered a picture of my son, taken one evening while we were having dinner at Sonic. The photograph moved through several phases of the competition, but did not win. The winning photograph, a very moving shot of a mother and daughter holding on to one another, can be seen here. I encourage everyone to view the photo, as it clearly reminds of us of what we have in our lives.

Although I could not previously post the photograph that I entered, because the contest was to be anonymous, I can post it here for you to see now that the contest has ended.

The current competition at Go Snap, is for March, and is titled "Reflections," and can be entered here. Although I haven't decided on my entry for this month, I encourage everyone else to visit the site and enter the contest if they choose.

Paws for Charity Book Project Update

Several weeks ago, I blogged about the Paws For Charity Project. The original post can be found here, although upon re-reading the post, I realized that I did not post the photograph that I entered. Therefore, I will post it on this entry. Sara Harley sent me an email on the 6th (she actually stuck to her decision date, something I've learned a lot of contests don't do) and let me know that I was on the short list, which I was glad to hear, but that I did not make the final cut. Of course, that made me unhappy, but it was okay, because at least I was in the running. You can read more about the Paws For Charity Project in this update that she posted here.

This is the picture that I entered in the contest: My dog Summerlin at Hilton Head Island Beach last year. Just as a note - she never touched the water; she wanted no part of that.

Sorry for the Delay in Posting

I am sorry that I haven't posted in over a week. A lot of things have happened since the 7th, and the lack of posting ultimately results from a dog bite that I received on that afternoon. I spent several days in severe pain even though I was taking pain medication and antibiotics, and I ended up going to the doctor again. He told me to take a few days off from work and gave me a stronger pain medicine and added another antibiotic to my list.

Another thing that has put a damper on my posting is the fact that our internet is not acting properly, so I have had to share my computer with my children. Three people and one computer do not a good mix make. :) Hopefully that won't be happening much longer and I will have more time on the computer.

I wanted this post to be about the lack of previous posts. In the next few hours, I will be posting about various things that have happened and that I have been informed of with regards to my writing and photography.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Six Sentences

I have made it my goal to write a six sentence story each day. This was because there were times that I felt I needed to get something out, but it just wouldn't come, and the Six Sentences website seemed like an ideal place to post those. However, even though I added a button on the side so that my readers could check out my six sentence masterpieces, the button doesn't seem to go straight to my writing. In that case, I will post them here as well, so that my faithful readers can find them without digging through all of the comments on the Six Sentences page. But please feel free to comment - I love to hear good (and bad) things about my work, whether it is my writing or photography. In this post, I will link to the works that I have already posted at Six Sentences, and will further update as needed.

A Life in Six Sentences


Her Eyes

The Note

I want this to be an exercise in creative writing - something to get the creative juices flowing. We'll see how it goes; so far I have had no problems thinking of things to write. :)

As an aside, you can now follow me on twitter as well, by clicking here.