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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Six Sentences

I have made it my goal to write a six sentence story each day. This was because there were times that I felt I needed to get something out, but it just wouldn't come, and the Six Sentences website seemed like an ideal place to post those. However, even though I added a button on the side so that my readers could check out my six sentence masterpieces, the button doesn't seem to go straight to my writing. In that case, I will post them here as well, so that my faithful readers can find them without digging through all of the comments on the Six Sentences page. But please feel free to comment - I love to hear good (and bad) things about my work, whether it is my writing or photography. In this post, I will link to the works that I have already posted at Six Sentences, and will further update as needed.

A Life in Six Sentences


Her Eyes

The Note

I want this to be an exercise in creative writing - something to get the creative juices flowing. We'll see how it goes; so far I have had no problems thinking of things to write. :)

As an aside, you can now follow me on twitter as well, by clicking here.

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