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I like to garden and wow people with my artistic interpretations of how flowers should be arranged. I also write for Ehow and Garden Guides. I can be contacted at annlees@gmail.com.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

March GBBD

The plants know it is almost spring and are showing out for
March Gardener Bloggers Bloom Day, hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens.
Here's some my first spring blooms.

Japanese Magnolia 'Jane' is in full glory.

Japanese Magnolia 'Rosea' is a new addition and is just starting to bloom.

Red Buckeye

And, of course, the daffodils. Stormy the cat is checking them out too.

Other plants that are blooming:
Creeping Phlox

Be sure to stop by May Dreams Gardens to see what else is blooming.


  1. Hi Melody,
    I had my eye on that "saucer" Magnolia at our garden center last month when it bloomed out. I just had my doubts it would actually do well this far south. Yours is beautiful!

  2. Lovely blooms Melody. You must live in the south since I've seen some of the same things blooming here (although you must be a bit farther south than I; no azaleas or buckeyes blooming just yet).

  3. Melody, I love the picture of your cat as much as the pictures of the plants!

  4. Your photos put me in the mood to dig in the garden. My Flowering Almond is budding out. I can a little bit of pink. The lillies are poking their heads up as are the Iris. I love this time of year when everything comes to life.

    Thank you for visiting junkblossoms. I hope you'll visit often. Blessings Pat