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Friday, June 12, 2009

Browsing Etsy :)

Loving those pocketbooks tonight! Man, I sure wish I could grab me one up, but it will have to wait until another week :)So, I've been checking out etsy and seeing what they have available here lately.

I think I really need this black and white clutch with the yellow trim.

The sad thing is I know good and well that a clutch will never work for me. I carry way too much stuff. I bet that if I was stranded somewhere, I could still survive for at least a day with no assistance. :)

But at any rate, even though I routinely carry messenger bags and large pocketbooks, I still drool over the cute, adorable clutch pocketbooks instead. I guess there are some things that never change.

Here's the second one that I liked, the Leila Clutch.

The final pocketbook that I found this evening was the kind that I normally use. Maybe just a tad smaller, I'd have to measure to make sure. They always have to be large enough to hold a full size single subject notebook and whatever papers I am working on at the current moment. This one is called Green and Turquoise Leaf and Flower Bag.

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