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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June Foliage Follow Up

I'm featuring some variegated plants for Foliage Follow Up hosted by Pam at Digging ...

such as this Variegated Ginger - not sure what kind, it was a passalong plant.

This Tricolor St. John's Wort survived the terrible winter with no problems.

One of the caladiums in a bulk package from a box store.

This nameless hydrangea has variegated leaves and flowers.

I know these leaves aren't variegated, but I had to show off the beautiful stems of this black-stemmed hydrangea - another passalong plant.

Check out more fabulous foliage at Digging.


  1. I've never seen a variegated St. John's wort before--how unusual. Variegated leaves look so nice and cool in the summer, and I enjoy using them too.

  2. I especially like the variegated ginger which is a type of curcuma, or hidden ginger. Thanks for visiting my blog! Its nice to know there's another Jacksonville area blogger!

  3. Oh is that a variegated Lacecap? Beautiful...thanks for the comment on the plant ID..I bet you have learned a lot from your son's experience working at the nursery. Drop by anytime.

  4. Melody - I enjoyed your pictures. I like growing plants with variegated foliage, too. I have a hydrangea that looks like your variegated hydrangea and its name is 'Light-O-Day.' There is also a variegated lacecap hydreangea whose flowers stay consistently blue, regardless of the soil. I don't have that one yet, but it is definitely on my list! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  5. Such beautiful and unusual plants. Love all your hydrangeas on your GBBD post as well!

  6. Lovely foliage...and that's for telling me about how the horsemint attracts all kinds of pollinators. Nice to know!

  7. HI Melody
    Thanks for stopping by! I could find you a washtub around here! You take wonderful pictures. Your blog is beautiful and honest.

  8. Melody,
    Thanks so much for the visit. I am bummed about my brush but thanks for the info. The hydrangea is stunning! My green thumb skills are limited but I dabble a little and like to plant vegetables and herbs each summer.

  9. Hi Melody,
    I am more scatterbrained than usual the last few days. I had your blog on my computer from this morning, and don't remember if you left a comment on my blog, if I found you on Facebook, or what.

    You have some nice foliage, and I love that ball in the first photo!