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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm joining Carol and the gang at May Dreams Gardens

for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

with some cheerful June blooms ...

First is the lovely Lady in Red Hydrangea,

followed by Forever and Ever Peppermint Hydrangea,

a happy sunflower,

a bright Butterfly Gladioli,

some Shasta Daisies, Chaste Tree blooms,

and an Irish Eyes Rudbeckia and a fuzzy Stoke's Aster.
I'll check out what's blooming in your garden at May Dreams Gardens!


  1. I think shasta daisies are my favorite flower. Every time I see one I smile! Your hydrangeas look great, and I really like that black-stemmed one (from the foliage post).

  2. The hydrangeas are gorgeous. Here in PA the mopheads and lace caps are still in bud in my garden. Lady in Red is new to me - very pretty. I'm anxious to see my blooms.

  3. I don't see stokes asters on many blogs. They are one of my favorites, but I wish they had a longer bloom time.

    Your hydrangeas are awesome, too.