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Saturday, February 13, 2010

At least the sun is shining ….

Yesterday Jan at Always Growing was wishing for some sunshine because the weather in Louisiana has been “rainy, damp, cold and gray for weeks.” I think the same weather has been sitting over North Florida too.

One of my "rain chains". I wasn't sure if I really wanted one, so I bought 3 hanging-thingees from a dollar store and hooked them together. Then my hubby hung them from the gutters. The water does run down them but, of course, they don't make any sound because they don't have cups to hold the water. It is about 3 feet long altogether.

It rained all day yesterday and was windy and cold – the high only reached 40 degrees. We got 1 ½ inches of rain and the river has come up about a foot. It is still below flood stage though, so maybe it won’t flood again.

But today the sun is shining. It is only supposed to get up to 49 degrees and it is windy … but the sun is shining! I hope it is shining on Jan too.

The sun shining on the water sitting in the backyard. Most of the back is too soggy to walk on.

I enjoy reading Always Growing because Jan grows lots of the same plants I do. It will be interesting to see how different plants survive the Florida cold and the Louisiana cold. Her agapanthus is already growing new leaves, but mine isn’t. So is her mint, but mine is still hiding. But both of us have daylilies and bulbs coming up, new growth on hydrangeas and lorapetalums blooming.

If you get a chance, drop in on Jan at Always Growing, see what is going on in Louisiana and wish her a sunny day.


  1. Those rain chains are simply beautiful. You must like them very much and how creative you are. Hope you continue to have better weather. Today was wonderful here in Oklahoma, but tomorrow, cold again.~~Dee

  2. That picture of outdoors is beautiful. So serene and peaceful.

    Blessings & Happy Valentine's!


  3. Thanks for the link to my blog. Things are still pretty wet and cold around here, but today we had bright sunshine for a change.

    Always Growing