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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February Foliage Follow-up

This is my first time participating in Foliage Follow-up.
It has made me look at my garden in a whole new way –
focusing on interesting foliage, instead of looking for flowers.

Spinach and lettuce for the new veggie bed Michael just built for me.

This Resurrection Fern may have to learn how to come back to life

after drowning too, if it keeps raining here.

Coral Reef Sedum growing on a stump.

The squirrels have been piling up the hickory nut shells and husks

since the weather has gotten cold.

I think theses are the seeds on the Japanese Fatsia (Fatsia aralia).

Has anybody tried planting them to see if they would grow?

I am thinking about trying it.

I call this “Bob’s grass” because my cousin, Bob, gave it to me

and he didn’t know the name of it. I think it is a Miscanthus.

It is gorgeous all year, but especially in the winter.

You can just see the buds on the Japanese Magnolia

in the background on the right.

You can see more fabulous foliage at Foliage Follow-up by visiting Pam at Digging.


  1. aloha,

    beautiful posts today on all your amazing textures, colors and variegations, i love the fatsia, they give such beautiful flowers and leaf textures early when the garden still looks bare....same with the sedums too

  2. Hi Melody - I love the foliage followup also as it makes you look a little deeper into the garden to find things of interest especially when there is not much choice at this time of year. I just love the pic of the empty nut shells - the squirrels around here bury the nuts but I never see them coming back to dig them up.

  3. Ah, coral reef sedum---I think I saw this on another blog and admired the fish-scale look of it. I like that pretty bronze color too. Thanks for the ID. And thanks for joining in for Foliage Follow-Up!

  4. "Bob's grass" looks great, even in this cold season. If only other plants went through so many great stages throughout the year!

  5. I loved seeing what is happening in your garden. Thanks for your suggestion.