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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter's Beauty

I don’t like winter or cold weather, so I didn’t think I would have a picture for this month’s Picture This Contest on Gardening Gone Wild. Then I remembered this picture I took last January after the sprinkler system ran while the temperatures were still below freezing. My son-in-law named it the Fairy Sprinkler. I hope fairies like cold showers! (Posted by Melody)



  1. That's really neat! I like how the light hits the icicles (bloomsicles?).

  2. So, you had a freezing rain, did you? That is a very nifty picture, but it makes me worry for the poor flower.

  3. Kim, The shot was pure luck!

    MMD, I like that - bloomsicles:)

    Ellie, The poor flower didn't like it too much.

  4. Melody that is stunning. What a sharp contrast between the spring time beauty of the flower and the icicles! I bet there are some more crazy contradiction pictures out there now too with all this weird weather!

  5. Thanks, Sharon. The weather has been strange this year.

  6. That's definitely a different shot for Winter's Beauty! I think us folks in the south will have some interesting and different photos!

  7. Your daisy sure looks brrr cold. Did it bounce back after thawing? I love how the ice is lit up.