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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prompts for Creativity

I found these questions on Something she Wrote, a blogger that I follow, who actually carried them over from over from one of the blogs she follows: The Serenity Gate. Anyway, I thought they were interesting and thought provoking, so here they are with my answers….

Outside my window: It is dark because we have just gotten home from celebrating my husband’s birthday. We usually leave the porch light on, so my sister can see to come inside when she gets off work.

I am thinking: About all of the things that I have to do. I have many projects on my plate and need to clear out some time here soon to organize.

I am thankful for: My family, the fact that I have the ability to work, and the freedom to do the things that I want to do. There are tons of other things but there simply isn’t enough space to list them all here.

From the kitchen: Came a lovely yellow cake with chocolate icing that my youngest son made for my husband’s birthday. There was a secret though – he accidentally made a hole in the cake, so to fix it, he filled it with icing!

I am wearing: A blue shirt, grey pants, black and silver striped socks, flowered shoes and self confidence.

I am creating: Various items. Some jewelry featuring my photography, some other novelty items, more photographs, and working on a book of the history of ten houses in Jasper.

I am going: To try to get some laundry done tonight.

I am hoping: That my husband’s new job will work out because I am tired of being stressed out by money (or lack thereof, I should say.)

I am hearing: A Nasa kid’s show on tv, my Yorkie/Chihuahua mix, Summerlin, barking at the big dogs outside, and my youngest son biting his toenails (no lie).

Around the house: It should be bedtime but everyone seems to be ignoring me :)

One of my favorite things: This thing is one that I don’t physically have anymore but it was mine for years and if it were still around today, it would still be mine. My Old Granny made a blanket. I don’t recall exactly if she made each of us kids one or if they were just made and over time we each ended up with one. Anyway, mine had a different design on each side, because my Granny worked at the sewing factory and would bring home scraps of fabric for Old Granny to use. On the “warm” side, there was a border of about six inches in width around the whole blanket. In the middle of that border, there was a myriad of patches – all different kinds of material (from the sewing factory). On cold nights, the “warm” side was placed downward next to our bodies, to help keep us warm. The other side was covered in pink – yes, pink – fabric that was silky, smooth, and cool feeling. The material had a bunch of little animals on it, but I can’t remember what kinds of animals. That was the “cool” side. On warm or hot nights, we put the cool side of the blanket down towards us. The material held the coolness of the air and kept us cool at night. When the house burned, the blanket was in there. My uncle promised me another blanket, since he got all of them when Old Granny died, but I never got it. Whenever I asked for it, he always had some excuse. Anyway, that was my favorite thing.

Plans for the weekend: See husband off to his new job on Saturday. Hang out with Mom and my sister. We’re supposed to go to the car show in Valdosta. Work really hard on my proposal for “Turn of the Century.” Complete some more art projects. Take plenty of photographs!


  1. These are interesting questions, I may have to write my own answers as well !!

  2. I thought so too! If you publish them on the web, though, please be sure to link back to thier original poster, the Serenity Gate. Thanks!